Rapid Production Services

We at MELT are making the art of 3D Printing more affordable and convenient.

Using additive manufacturing  as a tool we are focused to design and develop products and prototypes in almost all industrial sectors ranging from Home automation, IoT to Healthcare and Medical.

With a highly functional team, we are solving every challenge to deliver the best in quality to our clients.Our range of services makes it easier, faster and affordable to develop almost any product one can think of.

We Offer



PA2200, PA3200 GF, PrimeCast

Tough, Clear, Flex, Cast resin

Aluminium, Titanium, Steel, Nickel Alloy​​

We Do

Industrial Rapid Prototyping

Test the efficiency and adaptability of the part before moving for final production. Get high end quality working prototypes of your designs or ideas.

Low Volume Production

3D printing eliminates the need of tooling which cuts labor and lead time, making it suitable to make part in lesser quantities, cost effectively

IoT Enclsoures

3D printed enclosures offer an effective method of producing high-end quality IoT products, cost effectively.

Medical Prototyping

3D Printing is now being used in the development of new surgical cutting and drill guides, orthopedic implants, and prosthetics as well as the creation of patient-specific replicas of bones, organs, and blood vessels.

Metal Rapid Production

3D printing metal parts uses less energy and reduces waste to a minimum. And finished 3D printed products can be up to 60% lighter than their machined counterparts. Making it easier to produce complex parts efficiently & accurately.

3D Printing Workshops

Spreading knowledge and providing training on the benefits and applications of 3D printing and its advancement in the coming future.

Way We Work


Design your ideas, mechanisms, products or prototypes using any CAD software- DIY or use our expert design module.



Mail us your design with the required details in terms of material, strength and application of the final printed part. None of the design and data is shared or used for any other purpose without your consent- You have our words.



We will connect with you at every step and after finalization of all the parameters we will print the design exactly into a 3D printed working product or prototype.

To get an instant quote, mail us your design directly to or use the below button to connect.

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