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Welcome Maker!

We all love to make, love to print, right?

But due to some points we are unable to completely accomplish what we intend to do be it printer failure, lack of design knowledge, poor filaments etc.

So here we are with the Maker's Group- Connect, Share and Grow.



For Makers

Design Support

Design of parts to be 3D Printed is one of the most crucial element on which the printability of the product depends, the minimum dimensions and tolreances etc. are to be taken care of. With Maker's group one can easily get clear advice on the points to be taken care of while designing the product. 

Printer Servicing Support

All time support available on repairing/modifying your printer in case of any issue or upgrade required.

Connect with our support team directly over Whatsapp for quick and better reach.


Printing Services 

Higher load on printers?

Pass on to us, we will provide you with the printing work at best rates and minimum time. 

Filaments Supply

Print quality depends on the quality of the filament, hence we bring the best quality filaments near you. Collect directly from our space, anytime

Share your prints online using #MELTandFORM and tag @meltandform to be featured acrosss the network.


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