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    Low Volume Product Development Package

There are many startups and SMEs  who wish to test their products and launch them in low volume at a time in the market, modify the design according to the changing technology and again produce the same.  To meet these ongoing development demands we offer a single service package which will cater all the requirement at a single place - forming a feasible design from an idea to producing it into a final end-use product.

ProDesk service package uses 3D Printing technology to reduce the overall cost of production whereas still giving higher quality products in  a short interval of time. 3D Printing removes the use of tool and die design thus providing flexibility to change the design at any moment of time without hindering the ongoing production.


Product Design

We will convert your idea into a professional industrial design using 3D CAD software packages. We suggest various options that will be an added advantage to your product based on the usability and application of your idea. Make the necessary modifications at each step till you are completely satisfied with the design.

Product Validation

Once the design is finalized it is then validated using rough 3D Printed models to give you an exact idea about the placement, fastening and supports in the product. After performing various iterations based on material selection, rigidity, strength, application etc. a final specs sheet defining all the various details of the product to be produced is provided.

Low Volume Production

After approval of the final design and model, we sign terms for production based on quantity and time. Regular updates on the production is provided for any modification in plans, if necessary. Though we still provide flexibility for changes in design at anytime even when the production is on, making it easier for you to grow with the  market.

Why ProDesk ?


We offer our clients full flexibility over design and production. Quick change in design, anytime.

Rapid Production

3D Printing technology allows for quicker and rapid production.


We offer a wide range of materials to meet any need of  our clients.

High quality

Our Post processing options allows products to be used directly at the user end.


Our service package is highly affordable with the best rate in the market. Guaranteed!


We offer endless support even after our service terms ceases for better customer satisfaction.







We are actively supporting Home Automation and IoT startups with really healthy proposals.


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